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india, Odisha
Iris Garden

Inspired by the goddess of the rainbow, the sea and the sky are also the messenger to gods, truly ma...

india, Delhi NCR
kalyana tittle

Dreams of Paradise is a dream that shows you where your heart is. The dream is of true happiness and...

india, Odisha
Aura Garden

Located in Chandigarh, the city more popularly known as City Beautiful, Aura Garden, a luscious venu...

india, Odisha
Opulence by Bhullar Resorts

"A sprawling spread of green grass and an elegant banquet await you and your guests at Bhullar Resor...


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Extensive Vendor Directory

Theweddingroots typically provide extensive directories of verified and reputed wedding vendors, covering a wide range of services such as venues, event & wedding planner, photographers, florists, caterers, DJs, and more. This can save you a significant amount of time and effort in searching for reputable vendors.

One stop solution

At Theweddingroots you can streamline the vendor selection process. Instead of visiting multiple websites or contacting vendors individually, you can find and compare vendors all in one place, making it more efficient to gather information and make informed decisions. Search and Filter Options offer search and filter features, allowing you to narrow down your vendor options based on location, budget, style, and other preferences. This helps you find vendors that align with your specific needs.

Vendor Reviews and Verification

This platform includes user reviews and ratings for vendors. Reading these reviews can give you insights into the experiences of previous clients, helping you make well-informed choices, and they vet and verify the vendors listed on their platform to ensure a certain level of quality and professionalism. This added layer of quality assurance can give you peace of mind.

Inspiration and Ideas

We often feature inspiration galleries, articles, and tips to help you plan and design your dream wedding. This can provide creative ideas and solutions for various aspects of your event. You can find real wedding stories and testimonials from couples who have used the services of listed vendors. These stories can provide inspiration and help you connect with vendors who have a track record of successful weddings.

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Vendor profile

A vendor profile is a detailed online representation of a business or service provider, typically found on various online platforms, directories, or websites. Vendor profiles are commonly used by businesses, including wedding vendors, to present information about their services, showcase their work, and connect with potential clients. Make sure you stand out from the crowd. A fully completed profile will attract customer attention.

Global visibility

This is a borderless service. Vendors are discoverable at any corner of the earth. Global visibility for wedding vendors is the ability to make their services known and accessible to a worldwide audience. Achieving global visibility can be especially valuable for vendors in the wedding industry, as it opens up opportunities to work with clients from various parts of the world.

Hear customer feedback

Vendor feedback, also known as vendor reviews or testimonials, is an essential aspect of the wedding and event industry. It consists of opinions, comments, and evaluations provided by clients who have used the services or products of a particular vendor. Vendor feedback is valuable for both vendors and potential clients. Each vendor gets a unique review score based on feedback from customers.

Upload photos in HQ

A vendor photo gallery is a visual display of images showcasing the work, products, or services offered by a vendor, which can be especially valuable for wedding vendors. A photo gallery helps potential clients get a sense of a vendor's style, quality, and the range of services they provide. These are images of the vendor's past work. Easily attach a video from Youtube or Vimeo to your business profile with either the external link or video ID.

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